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David Jacobsen* (*his pen name) contributes regularly to Carnectiv. David is a senior manager in the technology sector, and has been Director and General Manager of a major company whose UK operation is part of HP. His current role involves driving the European technology and innovation strategy of a group of media businesses.

American Family Insurance to join Agnik’s CRM platform

American Family Insurance today announced that it will join Agnik’s advanced insurance CRM data analytics platform. This is a cloud-based platform for connecting consumers with insurance companies in connected car environments and is powered by Agnik’s Big Data Analytics products. This analyses vehicle and driver performance information along with context...

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Connected Car Privacy: we already share masses of data

So, what’s the big deal? I find the debate about data privacy and permission marketing fascinating. It’s so full of contradictions and delusions. Let us consider this: Connected Car Privacy goes hand in hand with smartphone or tablet privacy – or lack thereof. Most of us take one or both of...

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CCC Unveils MirrorLink 1.1

The Connected Car Consortium (CCC) chose this month's ‘Mobile World Congress’ in Barcelona to unveil its latest, updated MirrorLink platform, now dubbed “1.1” - a platform designed to make smartphone apps truly in-car compatible.

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Sprint announces UBI package

U.S. telecom major Sprint announced today that it is making a usage-based insurance (UBI) offering through its insurance solutions portfolio for auto insurance customers.

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4G LTE focus for GM this year

4G LTE technology is to be a big focus for GM this year, says Alan Batey, the president of GM North America as the company moves to integrate high-speed wireless technology across its 2015 vehicle range.

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Tegra K1 to be processor of choice for connected cars

it was claimed today that Nvidia’s new Tegra K1 ‘super chip’ will be the processor of choice for manufacturers of the smart, connected and self-driving cars of the future. Unveiled at the 2014 CES in Las Vegas, the Tegra K1 boasts 192 cores and is tipped to power a wide...

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