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Writing as Jens Mueller, Jens has over 20 years experience in IT and communications systems, working in Europe and the USA. He has been involved in connected car programmes for the past couple of years, and contributes to Carnectiv on a regular basis.

“Over the top platforms” – do dongles make sense?

The emergence of “dongles” in the car “Over the top” is an expression we hear a lot right now.  In ICT, people like to use the phrase when they refer to a process, system or technology that goes around a “normal” way of doing things. This alternative route might go...

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VoiceBox to work with Elektrobit

VoiceBox Technologies Corp., the award winning innovator of patented Conversational Voice software, has announced that it is working with Elektrobit to provide advanced natural language capabilities to EB GUIDE, the comprehensive HMI development platform. Elektrobit’s new version of EB GUIDE 5.5 enables car makers and suppliers to create multimodal HMIs...

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