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Connected Car Privacy: we already share masses of data

So, what’s the big deal? I find the debate about data privacy and permission marketing fascinating. It’s so full of contradictions and delusions. Let us consider this: Connected Car Privacy goes hand in hand with smartphone or tablet privacy – or lack thereof. Most of us take one or both of these devices with us nearly everywhere, including when we get in the car. Likewise, connected cars use connections to our smart devices. It doesn’t much matter whether the car itself adds a few more sensors talking via a Bluetooth or WiFi link to our phones, or whether the car’s sensors...

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Impression of Barcelona this year

I’ve been to Barcelona many times. My impression of Barcelona this year is that it’s coming of age regarding Internet of Things and Connected Car. Speaking to colleagues and partners, I think that’s part of a general view too. I will be sending some reports back to the Team, so look out for some news postings. As usual, much of the real business is being done on the side lines. Meetings in hotel lobbies, hired meeting rooms…or even just coffee conversations snatched on stands and cafe corners. Several sources have confided to me about some deals they’re doing, which will...

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Data privacy topic moves from desktop to palmtop, and now to car

So when Jim Farley, VP of Marketing and Sales at Ford said at CES 2014 “We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it – we have GPS in our cars, so we know what you’re doing” – was there a collective intake of breath? Did the penny drop that, thanks to connected car technologies, Big Brother’s ability to watch has been massively improved? Certainly, Ford Motor Co. was sufficiently concerned about the impact of the statement that it sought to mitigate it with a “we do not track our customers in their cars without their...

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