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Connected Car Privacy: we already share masses of data

So, what’s the big deal? I find the debate about data privacy and permission marketing fascinating. It’s so full of contradictions and delusions. Let us consider this: Connected Car Privacy goes hand in hand with smartphone or tablet privacy – or lack thereof. Most of us take one or both of...

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Impression of Barcelona this year

I’ve been to Barcelona many times. My impression of Barcelona this year is that it’s coming of age regarding Internet of Things and Connected Car. Speaking to colleagues and partners, I think that’s part of a general view too. I will be sending some reports back to the Team, so...

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“Over the top platforms” – do dongles make sense?

The emergence of “dongles” in the car “Over the top” is an expression we hear a lot right now.  In ICT, people like to use the phrase when they refer to a process, system or technology that goes around a “normal” way of doing things. This alternative route might go...

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