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The world’s leading independent connected car labs bring experts considered among the very best in their fields. We operate multi-disciplinary teams blending a range of mobile tech, apps, engineering, data science, security and business specialisms. Our developers and engineers build cutting edge prototypes of forward thinking products. They resolve the issues resulting from deeply rooted cultural and commercial differences between automotive and mobile device players including divergent planning cycles, differential rates of evolution and the difficulty of recruiting across industry boundaries.


We provide a range of world best-in-class solutions for our customers, where we focus on delivering ultra high performance outcomes. Carnectiv Labs can undertake turn-key solutions, project management or expert support to your existing programmes and teams. Some example solution domains include: Applications Services, Platform Integration & Optimisation, Connected Car Systems Lab, Eco-system Development, Security, User Experience and Interactive Design, Fleet Management, Data Analytics.


Our hands-on design, architecting and implementation of specific programmes is complemented by our development of highly powerful middleware, tools and sub-platforms, application programming interfaces (“APIs”), software development kits (“SDKs”) and partner programmes. These products support the solutions implemented by the team, but are also deployable by other third party engineering teams, if desired.

A car revolution

# Smarter technologies working effectively in the car

# Designing and implementing real world usage

# Deploying best in class independent expertise

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Carnectiv Labs deliver:

1. World class solutions in short cycle times

2. New propositions; safe,

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Carnectiv Labs can be engaged to speed up an existing programme, or execute a new one. We thrive on challenges to deliver cutting edge solutions within today’s dramatically shortened timeframe expectations. Our databases & libraries, research facilities and developer resources have been design to enable engineers to plug and play wherever possible…and always execute in a timely and secure fashion.

Tech Development

Our customers sometimes require extra expert people; we can provide them. Complementing your tech development, such people are engaged to deliver your vision. However, there are many cases where you require a partner, and wish to deploy third developments within the broader ecology of the connected car. We undertake our own tech development for integration into broader solutions, where appropriate. As the leading independent Labs, we can inject energy, insight and high innovation.

Team Work

This is our key differentiator. Our People work as a team…and in bigger teams with peers, partners and customers. Confidence and ambition have their place when they contribute to productive teamwork. We love what we do, and we expect to work with others who lead (or want to lead) their industry, and care about making very cool things happen!

Driving tomorrow, today

The Carnectiv Labs Team

Carnectiv Labs has been set up as the world’s leading independent connected car labs; founded by a group of people committed to realising the true potential of the connected car. The Leadership of Carnectiv Labs all share a vision, a love for this arena, and a great deal of complementary experience and skill;  people hailing from senior positions in the digital, telecoms and automotive industries. They lead an expert team combining breadth and depth, with over 100 professionals based in Europe, with key operational centres in Stuttgart, Berlin and London.

With a multidisciplinary approach, The Labs Team comprises expertise in applications, complex IT and back-end systems, auto-engineering, User Experience and interactive design, security solutions, e- & social-commerce solutions, data analytics, use case design and business & operational modelling.


Horst Leonberger
Chief Executive Officer
Acknowledged industry leader. Heritage: SVP Deutsche Telekom, Founding Head, Connected Car


Robert Fedder
Chief Commercial Officer
Marketer and strategist in the tech and digital sectors. Heritage: VP Telefonica, KPMG, Cadence, EDS, Compaq.


Stefan Linde
Chief Financial Officer
Finance and venturing entrepreneur. Heritage: Booz Allen, high growth ventures


Dr Wolfgang Ziebart 
Senior Member, Board of Advisers
Automotive sector legend. Heritage:  Board Jaguar Land Rover, CEO Infineon AG, Board BMW AG


Antony Sheriff 
Senior Member, Board of Advisers
Automotive sector legend. Heritage: CEO McLaren Cars and VP FIAT


To be announced
Member of Senior Leadership Team.
Industry expert & well-known advocate of connected technologies. Announcement soon.


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