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Hyundai Blue Link Video Overview

Hyundai’s Blue Link is already a mature, well-featured example of a connected car proposition. It is a fully integrated multimedia navigation system using a connected mobile phone to gather information such as traffic updates and information updates. The system uses mobile apps to provide the driver with information from Hyundai’s in house developed systems. Information includes weather, traffic, fuel information (location and price), stocks, news and sports. It also has access the ability to do many things remotely via apps. How about starting the car or immobilizing it in times of it being carjacked? All of this is tied together with voice recognition. Here, we’d like to feature a Blue Link Video series, published by Hyundai, which explain some of what Blue Link can do. The keen-eyed among you may spot some of the features drawing increasingly from Google and their back end. In this short Blue Link Video overview, we highlight just some of the features. To view a specific feature, click on a video below. If you just want to see the whole series, click here. Selection of Blue Link Video Highlights Short introduction Short How to Guide Introduction Points of Interest Search Enhanced Roadside and SOS Emergency Assist Stolen Vehicle Recovery Car Care Geo-Fence, Curfew and Speed Alert Daily Route Guidance Vehicle Maintenance Remote Access Navigation Enhancements “Eco Coach” Blue Link Assurance Package For more info, visit Hyundai’s dedicated microsite.

Audi connect ™

Audi connect™ is another well-established, highly advanced proposition from one of the world’s leading automotive OEMs. Many of us think, that right now (as @ the end of 2013) Audi is actually bringing some of the most interesting propositions to us of any of the European automotive OEMs.Their extensive online resources and YouTube channel (courtesy largely of “Audi of America”) showcase some of the features available. We highlight some of them here in our own showcase of what is currently available…or coming soon. Enjoy these videos: Anupam Malhotra of Audi talks about some features of Audi connect™ As one of the most important electronics trade show in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) serves as a magnificent stage for innovations. Last year, Audi presented its technologies for in-vehicle user interfaces and infotainment under the name Audi connect. The name “Audi connect,” which serves as the slogan for the company’s trade fair display, describes the fully networked mobility of Audi — that is, the networking of Audi models with the Internet, with the infrastructure and with other vehicles. The interfaces between the car and information technology continue to gain importance here. Audi already offers its customers integrated services that result from intelligently linking cloud and backend solutions. The connection with the World Wide Web currently operates via UMTS — in the future, Audi will rely on the fast LTE standard. Audi connect™ tutorial Audi vehicles equipped with MMI Navigation plus with MMI Touch offer you the first automotive online experience […]

Mercedes A-Class Concept with application integration

Mercedes A-Class Concept: A vision with an emphasis on connectivity Here Mercedes showcases their vision for the future with an emphasis on connectivity. Using the Mercedes Concept A-CLASS as an example, they show us their take on future of multimedia online systems. The smartphone-based system in the Concept Mercedes A-CLASS enables users to remain networked while in the vehicle. The system is safe and easy to use when on the road. Facebook and Twitter are also seamlessly integrated into the Mercedes-Benz application. We think this is an impressive video, which explains their thinking well, but also gives us insights to their philosophy. Based on this video, there is a clear understanding of the interoperability between systems and processes required to make a connected car useful to user. Whilst this video was first published in 2012, many of the ideas are still valid (and even somewhat futuristic when compared with the standard spec of many cars).    

HondaLink with Aha

Honda is one of the pioneers among automotive OEMs. We’ve liked what they have been doing for quite a while now. For example, they have pressed forward with their consideration and adoption of iOS in the Car. HondaLink – which is their name for their connected car services and systems – is currently available in some of its cars. HondaLink has recently augmented some of its voice control capability and streaming radio, incorporating Aha. This short introductory video gives an overview. Go here to visit the dedicated HondaLink overview site which demonstrates some of the apps that have been developed to work with the technology. You can also see more here on the HondaLink owners’ site. Clearly Honda has already rolled out a number of features and apps, including useful features, most notably in infotainment and vehicle monitoring. None of this is necessarily radically new. However, it shows determined design and implementation of many of the basics, as well as some nice refinements. It will be interesting to see how this platform is opened up to more third party developers. We suspect, that as iOS in the Car starts to influence the evolution of HondaLink, third party developers will be attracted more and more to it. Here’s another view of HondaLink in a current vehicle:           We will broaden this showcase, but for now, we just wanted to highlight a little of what Honda is doing.


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