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HondaLink with Aha

Honda is one of the pioneers among automotive OEMs. We’ve liked what they have been doing for quite a while now. For example, they have pressed forward with their consideration and adoption of iOS in the Car.

HondaLink – which is their name for their connected car services and systems – is currently available in some of its cars. HondaLink has recently augmented some of its voice control capability and streaming radio, incorporating Aha. This short introductory video gives an overview.

Go here to visit the dedicated HondaLink overview site which demonstrates some of the apps that have been developed to work with the technology. You can also see more here on the HondaLink owners’ site.

Clearly Honda has already rolled out a number of features and apps, including useful features, most notably in infotainment and vehicle monitoring. None of this is necessarily radically new. However, it shows determined design and implementation of many of the basics, as well as some nice refinements. It will be interesting to see how this platform is opened up to more third party developers. We suspect, that as iOS in the Car starts to influence the evolution of HondaLink, third party developers will be attracted more and more to it.

Here’s another view of HondaLink in a current vehicle:

HondaLink and some dedicated apps

HondaLink and some dedicated apps






We will broaden this showcase, but for now, we just wanted to highlight a little of what Honda is doing.


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