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Hyundai Blue Link Video Overview

Hyundai’s Blue Link is already a mature, well-featured example of a connected car proposition. It is a fully integrated multimedia navigation system using a connected mobile phone to gather information such as traffic updates and information updates. The system uses mobile apps to provide the driver with information from Hyundai’s in house developed systems. Information includes weather, traffic, fuel information (location and price), stocks, news and sports. It also has access the ability to do many things remotely via apps. How about starting the car or immobilizing it in times of it being carjacked? All of this is tied together with voice recognition.

Blue link connected to Emergency Rescue Center

Blue Link connected to Emergency Rescue Center

Here, we’d like to feature a Blue Link Video series, published by Hyundai, which explain some of what Blue Link can do. The keen-eyed among you may spot some of the features drawing increasingly from Google and their back end.

In this short Blue Link Video overview, we highlight just some of the features. To view a specific feature, click on a video below. If you just want to see the whole series, click here.

Selection of Blue Link Video Highlights

Short introduction

Short How to Guide Introduction

Points of Interest Search

Enhanced Roadside and SOS Emergency Assist

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Car Care

Geo-Fence, Curfew and Speed Alert

Daily Route Guidance

Vehicle Maintenance

Remote Access

Navigation Enhancements

“Eco Coach”

Blue Link Assurance Package

For more info, visit Hyundai’s dedicated microsite.


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