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Mercedes A-Class Concept with application integration

Mercedes A-Class AMG Connected Car

Mercedes A-Class Concept: A vision with an emphasis on connectivity

Here Mercedes showcases their vision for the future with an emphasis on connectivity. Using the Mercedes Concept A-CLASS as an example, they show us their take on future of multimedia online systems. The smartphone-based system in the Concept Mercedes A-CLASS enables users to remain networked while in the vehicle. The system is safe and easy to use when on the road. Facebook and Twitter are also seamlessly integrated into the Mercedes-Benz application. We think this is an impressive video, which explains their thinking well, but also gives us insights to their philosophy. Based on this video, there is a clear understanding of the interoperability between systems and processes required to make a connected car useful to user. Whilst this video was first published in 2012, many of the ideas are still valid (and even somewhat futuristic when compared with the standard spec of many cars).




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