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Who we are

Carnectiv.com founded in 2013

Founded in 2013, Carnectiv.com was set up to develop a community with a love for cars, smart devices, digital media and innovation. When cars and digital high tech come together, some great new ideas emerge –  this is driving the shape of the Connected Car.

Carnectiv.com was formed by an independent team, set up and operated by enthusiasts. We believe the success of the connected car depends hugely on capturing the imagination and support of app and service developers. We always want Carnectiv.com to be an interesting place to come to for useful information, news and resources. Carnectiv.com depends upon the support of its visitors and friends: please continue to help us with ideas for news, blog and forum contributions and features for our resources section.

Carnectiv Labs launched in 2015

Since Carnectiv.com’s inception, time and again, many Carnectiv.com contributors and industry insiders have shared with us their clear demand for an independent provider of software systems design and development solutions for the connected car industry: in response to this demand, Carnectiv Labs has been founded and incorporated in 2015 to become an independent market leader in this sector.

An experienced cross-functional team of experts has been assembled. They focus on solutions to bridge the gap between the functionality and connectivity desired by the automotive manufacturers around the world, and the fast paced arena of devices, apps and content development.

The developers and engineers of Carnectiv Labs are also engaged in the prototyping of compelling specific proprietary services required to resolve the issues resulting from this differential of timing and cultures.

Carnectiv Labs’s premium, deep technology know-how is leveraged to deliver enhanced and connected capabilities to the car.



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